Energy & Infrastructure

The team at Wilson Fearnall are specialist independent advisers on energy and infrastructure matters. We have been involved in important projects the length a breadth of England, Scotland and Wales.

Unlike many specialised consultants we have gained broad experience managing the planning, land assembly and delivery of major development and  infrastructure schemes in ‘hands-on’ project roles, providing us with unique insight and a direct approach to our advice.

We are experts in the land assembly process for major development projects. Our services can broadly be split into Project Services – embedding ourselves into the client team to help you assess, design and deliver your own projects, and Professional Services – stand-alone advice on specific elements as they arise throughout the project lifecycle.


Project Services

Acquisition of land and property assets, or rights over them, are a fundamental part of all development schemes and will provide the greatest risks and opportunities to both programme and commercial feasibility. We strongly believe in early engagement and the positive management of stakeholder relationships from the outset. Our land and property experts are able to work as part of the client team, communicating specialist knowledge and best practise both internally and externally. If you are developing an energy, infrastructure or major redevelopment project we will take time to understand your key objectives and identify any major constraints from the outset.


We are able to undertake early land and property assessments of design footprints in order to provide unbiased technical and commercial appraisals of various options. In the early stages of a project it is crucial to understand as many legal, technical, commercial and social risks around land assembly matters in order to achieve optimal results. If something is not going to work and where risk can be reduced we will highlight this from the outset.

Systems Design

Land assembly involves large amounts of data and communication that needs to be recorded, stored and manipulated to generate a range of important evidential outputs. We value the massive benefits good information management brings to a project from concept, through planning to delivery. Our team have been involved in the specification and implementation of a range of solutions from bespoke packages to the adaptation and incorporation of legacy systems.

Planning, Development and Project Management

Once the project is established Wilson Fearnall are able to provide everything to support your proposal from a turn-key land assembly role to one or more individual services such as land referencing services, planning support, managing surveys for EIA preparation, property cost estimates, stakeholder engagement and negotiated or compulsory land acquisition strategies and implementation. Land and property professionals and the issues that they face will be ‘first in and last out’ on most projects and continuity is vital.

Construction and delivery 

Bringing information together after you have consented a scheme is crucially important to ensure that project delivery takes place in a timely and cost effective manner. We are able to support construction teams who need to adhere to strict planning conditions or compulsory acquisition regimes and ensure that there are no costly delays once teams have been mobilised.

Professional Services

The development of commercial scale energy projects and Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects are complex long-term commitments requiring knowledge and experience of a wide range of issues. As well as the legal, technical and planning specifics associated with Environmental Impact Assessments or Development Consent Orders, there are many socio-economic elements to understand, manage and consider. Above all, the creation and management of positive relationships across the project team and with key stakeholders is vitally important from the outset to ensure that things run as efficiently as possible throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Having been through the development process many times, the Wilson Fearnall team are able to act independently or as part of a wider project team to provide assistance to Developers, Statutory Undertakers or Investors embarking on or part way through a project. Areas where we can offer professional support and advice include:

  • Strategic property acquisition & land assembly
  • Compulsory purchase and compensation claims
  • Property Cost Estimates
  • Option and lease negotiations and asset management
  • Survey access management, land referencing and Book of Reference preparation
  • GIS and communication management systems
  • Negotiation of protective provisions and utility interactions
  • Contract surveyors and wayleave officers
  • Consultation and stakeholder engagement & consultation
  • Contract surveyors and wayleave officers
  • Expert witness representation at enquiries and tribunal.
  • Due Diligence


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